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Windshield Markers, Car Paint Markers

Our selection of windshield markers are geared towards the needs of auto dealers and auto body shops. Dealerships use these markers to paint the price, appealing attributes, or internal details about a particular vehicle on the windshield, while Auto Body Shops and Collision Centers often use the Autowriter markers to mark details about a particular vehicle for internal use.

The Artline Poster Markers, AutoWriter Markers, Big Glass Markers, and UNI Posca 1/4 tip markers are all made using water based formulas. The advantage of water based markers is that the pain can easily be removed from the windshield with window cleaner and cloth.

The Uni-Paint Oil Base Markers has a much longer life expectancy, however, it is slightly more difficult to remove from the windshield.

The Sakura Solid Waterproof Paint Markers have a soft consistency similar to a crayon. These are popularly used to mark vehicles at auto auctions. These will withstand rainstorms and are still very easy to remove from the windshield.