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Car Display Ramps

We offer a variety of stock-design car display ramps which are used to be used to display vehicles in front of car dealerships, at theme parks, sports stadiums, and much more. Our ramps are manufactured in the United States from a combination of tubular steel and angle iron and then are coated with black paint to prevent against rust. The ramps are sold in sections which fit together easily. The box horizontal ramps are our most popular and come in 6 pieces that easily assemble via male/female connections to form the finished ramp: 2 platforms, 2 up-ramps, and 2 connector pieces. The two most popular ramps are the 36 inch box horizontal and the 30 inch box horizontal; The higher height of the 36 inch ramp is often used to lift a vehicle above a fence. We ship these ramps across the United States and Canada and would be happy to provide you with a shipping quotation to deliver one or more ramps to your location. Please contact us by phone, email, or chat and we will be happy to get you a shipping price and answer any questions you may have about our ramps.

Ordering Process

Car display ramps are shipped by truck. In order to provide the most accurate and cost-effective shipping quote, please complete our Car Ramp Request For Shipping Quotation Form. This form will request your shipping address, desired ramps, and contact information. After we receive your inquiry, we will contact multiple trucking companies in an attempt to procure the lowest possible shipping rate to your address. Once we have identified the most cost effective shipping option, we will contact you with this information. This process typically takes about 1 business day. If you need faster assistance or have any questions, please contact us at 800-443-4333.

Manufactured in the United States

We are one of the leading distributors of vehicle display ramps in the United States, having shipped thousands of ramps throughout the country over the past 35 years. All of our vehicle displays are manufactured to order 100% in the United States from American Steel.

Car Ramp Durability

Over the past 35 years, we have sold car ramps throughout the United States and Canada and most of the ramps we have sold are still in use. These ramps are built to last! Our ramps are coated with black paint before they are shipped to you to prevent rust and corrosion. To prolong the life of your ramp, we recommend cleaning them with a hose periodically to prevent and dirt and debris build-up.

Uses for Car Ramps

  • Car Dealerships use vehicle display ramps to highlight a particular vehicle or lift a car over an obstructions like a fence so the vehicle is visible from the street.
  • Casinos utilize vehicle display ramps to display a vehicle that will be given away as a prize to the winner of a contest.
  • Sporting Events utilize this product to display a vehicle that will be given away in a raffle or contest or simply to promote a vehicle.
  • Car Shows - Vehicle display ramps are used at car shows to draw attention to a particular vehicle.
  • Car Wash Ramps - Some vehicle owners purchase car ramps to aid in washing their car. The ramp enables them to clean the underside of their vehicle of salt and other debris.