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Car Bows

Car Bow Store is a division of MBR Marketing, Inc. and is the largest manufacturer of car bows in the United States. Whether you are an individual looking for one bow to top off a special gift or an automotive manufacture looking for thousands of bows at wholesale prices to be used as decorations at auto dealer showrooms throughout the country, we have the competitive pricing, and manufacturing capabilities to satisfy your needs.

We have been manufacturing car bows in our facility in Warminster, PA since 2012. We proudly produce our bows from 100% in the United States from domestically sourced materials. You will find that the material and construction of our bows are superior to the competition in every way. The PVC ribbon material that we use to construct our bows features very vibrant opaque colors and a high-gloss finish which creates a very rich appearance. Our bows are carefully assembled by hand at our facility and packaged in durable boxes and with packaging materials designed to ensure that the bows arrive safely and in excellent condition to our customers. With MBR, you can purchase bows directly from the manufacturer with confidence.

Our most popular style of car bow is the 30 Inch car bows, which are constructed with a 14-loop, 2-tail design. These bows are constructed from our durable PVC ribbon and are finished with your choice of a magnetic base or suction cup base. The magnetic base is the most economical option, while the suction cup base offers the ability to adhere to many of the newer vehicles which are made with aluminum or fiberglass hoods. The magnetic base will only adhere to vehicles with a steel hoods. The suction cups also offer the advantage of being totally scratch-proof. The 30 inch bows are available in 13 colors to meet the needs of any application. Additionally, we offer our 30 inch bows with printed messages of "Happy Birthday" and "Happy Holidays" to coordinate with your special occasion. Finally, our Build-a-Bow option allows you to custom create a bow with 2 different colors combined to create a one-of-a-kind gift topper. Our online system allows you to preview the appearance of your custom 2-color Build-a-Bow.

Our 22 Inch car bows feature the same construction as the 30 Inch bows, but in a larger size. The 22 Inch bows are perfect for smaller vehicles such as Fiat and Mini.

Our 30 Inch Red Velvet Car Bows are constructed from a proprietary velvet-covered PVC material which we developed. These bows have a very rich appearance and are very popular with high-end dealerships such as Mercedes, BMW, and Cadillac. These are also offered with your choice of a suction cup or magnet. Keep in mind that most high-end luxury vehicles are constructed with aluminum hoods, so suction cups are usually the best choice.

Our 12 Inch Windshield Pull Bows are an inexpensive imported bow constructed from a light-weight polyethylene ribbon. This product ships to you flat. Simply pull the streamers attached to the bow to form a beautiful 12 inch diameter bow that can be attached to your windshield with a suction cup. This item is often purchased in bulk to create a festive environment at a low cost. These can also be used for smaller-sized, but still large gifts such as bicycles, motorcycles, and grills.

The 34 Inch Red Windshield Car Bows are a bow that we designed and engineered to be displayed on the windshield of a vehicle. These bows are constructed from a very thick and durable die-cut PVC material and are are finished with a durable suction cup.

Regardless of your application, we have the bow to satisfy your needs. Please feel free to reach out to us by phone, email, or chat with any questions and we will be happy to help point your in the direction of the perfect bow for your needs!