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Autowriter markers are designed for the auto body repair and refinishing industry. Body shop operators can use these to mark clear instructions, quickly and easily, anywhere on a vehicle as it passes through the shop. At the end of the repair process, simply wipe the vehicle clean. There's no permanent marking or damage. Autowriter's unique water-based formula is tough enough to write on any surface, but is gentle enough to be removed with water and a cloth.

Increase Productivity

You'll appreciate the versatility and simplicity of this amazing product. There's no wasted time chasing down people to find out what's been done and what needs to be done to a vehicle. By having the information you need right there on the vehicle, the job is able to proceed more smoothly and we all know that increased productivity means improved profit margins.

Autowriter is available in seven vibrant colors, allowing you to use color-coding to improve your in-shop communications. By assigning specific colors to different departments or individuals in your shop, everyone will know who has made what recommendation, who has performed what function, and who has signed off on it. The Autowriter facilitates seamless communication in your shop. Cycle time is reduced and projects move through your shop smoothly.

What makes Autowriter the right tool for the job?

  • Writes on steel, glass, aluminum, plastic, wood, rubber, virtually any surface.
  • Fast drying ink
  • Simple to remove with only water and a cloth
  • Autowriter's shipping carton doubles a convenient work station pen holder
  • No rolling off benches. Autowriters non-roll gripper cap means it stays where you put it.
  • 7 Vibrant colors allow you to color code based on:
    • Priority
    • Department
    • Staff
    • Customers
    • You can also order one color for use in your whole shop.
  • No annoying dry markers. Just prime Autowriter for its initial use with the easy pumping action and you're ready to go.
  • Manufactured in Canada
  • Easy-to-read 3/16" mark
  • Available in 7 vibrant colors: blue, green, orange, pink, red, white, & yellow.

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AutoWriter Markers

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