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American Stick Flags - Mini US Flags for Parades & Promotions

We offer a comprehensive selection of Mini American Flags which are Proudly Manufactured 100% in the United States from a lightweight cotton material and mounted on a durable, natural, smooth wooden staff with a golden spear.

We have been in the flag business for over 30 years and look forward to helping you find the right stick flag for your next event. Please reach out to us by phone, email, or chat if you have any questions or need further assistance.

Small-Sized US Stick Flags are Ideal for Parades & Promotional Giveaways

Our stick flags are offered in four sizes and two different finishes to meet the needs of any application including parades, cemetery & grave site use, handouts, classroom giveaways, and much more. We supply retailers and many Veterans Organizations across the United States with bulk wholesale pricing. Whether you are looking for a small 4"x6" hand flag, all the way up to larger 12"x18" flags for wall mounting, Flagdom has you covered!

  • Economical No-Fray US Stick Flags are constructed from a special "no fray" material which does not require hemming around the edges to prevent tattering. These flags are the best option when price is the most important consideration, such as for promotional giveaways and parades. Our 4"x6" and 6"x9" flags are only offered in the "no fray" variety, however, our 8"x12" flags and 12"x18" flags are offered in the "no fray" variety as well as the "hemmed" option.
  • Durable Hemmed Stick Flags feature sewn/reinforced edges on all four sides for a durable finish with a rich appearance which will stand the test of time. Our 8"x12" and 12"x18" flags are offered with the option of hemmed edges at a slightly higher price point compared to the "no fray" option.

What Size Stick Flag Should I Choose?

  • 4"x6" Flags are the ideal choice for parades, promotional giveaways, and other handouts. These flags are very inexpensively priced and offer a large patriotic impact when used at special events in large quantities.
  • 6"x9" Flags are an in-between size, which are small enough to hold in your hand, yet large enough to display in the ground, on a mailbox, or for household decorations. They offer a larger hand-held option compared tot he 4"x6" option. Flagdom is one of the very few companies that offers stick flags in this unique size!
  • 8"12" Flags are offered in the "no fray" and hemmed varieties and are ideal for giveaways and household decorations. Choose the economical "no fray" option when price is the most important concern or the "hemmed" option when the highest quality is desired. This size is also compatible with and commonly used with grave markers to hold the flag upright.
  • 12x18" Flags are offered in hemmed or "no fray" varieties on a 3/8" x 30" smooth wooden staff, with a golden spear on the top. This size mini-flag is the traditional US Flag used on the grave sites and head stones of American Military Veterans. They are also compatible with and frequently used in conjunction with grave markers to hold the flag upright.

Buy In Bulk & Save

We offer aggressive pricing on large orders of USA Stick Flags, which are ideal for government organizations, parade organizers, schools, companies veterans organizations, event planners, and much more who are looking for the absolute lowest wholesale pricing. Take advantage of our volume discounts on stick flags! We never compromise on quality, and you can be assured that our mini US Flags are proudly manufactured in the United States from domestically source materials.