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  • The Innovative Mobile Detailer Materials Supply Cart is a portable supply room and inventory management system on wheels designed to meet the needs of automotive detailing professionals.
  • Promote efficiency by storing all of your important tools and materials in designated spaces on this portable cart. No more searching your shop for tools or equipment since everything is carefully stored in its designated place.
  • The included tags help to facilitate a barcoding system which allows you to control your inventory and prevent duplicate or unneeded orders of supplies.
  • The open wire design allows for easy visual inventory checks of supplies.
  • Reduces the time spent searching for materials including eliminating the need for trips to the material room, which reduces labor costs.
  • Multiple technicians are able to work from one cart
  • Helps to facilitate a first-in-first-out inventory system, whereby older supplies are used first, with backup supplies waiting for when the current supply is depleted.
  • Easily rolls around your shop on the the four industrial grade locking caster wheels which glide easily when in the open position and have zero movement when locked in place.
  • Constructed from durable steel with a powder coated finish.
  • Each unit measures 22"L x 35"W x 67"H and weighs 101 lbs
  • Backed by the Innovative Tools Lifetime Limited Warranty

Innovative Mobile Detailer Materials Supply Cart Includes

  • Barcode tag holders: 50
  • Single Hook (ISH): 4
  • Double Hook (IDH): 2
  • 4X17" Basket (I4X17): 1
  • 7X17" Basket (I7X17): 2
  • 8X17" Basket (I8X17): 1
  • Aerosol Basket (ICH): 3
  • Glove Box Holder (IGB): 1
  • Buffer Pad Holder (IPH): 1
  • Trash Can (ITC): 1

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Innovative Mobile Detailer Materials Supply Cart I-MCDC

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Item #: I-MCDC
  • Price: $650.00