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  • This is the last masking machine you'll ever have to buy for your auto body repair shop.
  • Featuring heavy-duty steel construction and a durable powder-coat finish.
  • Covered by US Patent 10,143,300
  • Backed by the Innovative Tools Lifetime Limited Warranty

Product Specs

  • Holds one roll of up to 12" paper and two rolls of up to 18" paper
  • Holds one roll of 36" paper and a box of plastic sheeting
  • Industry's only 36” stainless steel tear blade for clean, smooth cuts
  • Plastic dispenses from box to keep it dust free
  • Narrow 19" profile makes it easy to maneuver around the shop
  • Thick steel blades allow for longevity while maintaining smooth cutting
  • Convenient basket for extra tape, tools, and supplies

Product Details

  • The Innovative Mobile Masker Deluxe is a complete masking system that holds 12-inch, 18-inch, and 36-inch rolls.
  • This masking machine eliminates waste. The heavy-duty blades ensure a smooth tear every time. The thick steel blades are long-lasting and will provide smooth cutting for years.
  • This popular masker also allows you to dispense paper and plastic directly from the factory box, protecting it from dust and unintended tears. The Innovative Mobile Masker Deluxe comes with a magnetic razor blade holder that allows you to cut paper and plastic vertically, right against the factory box.
  • The Innovative Mobile Masker Deluxe features industrial-grade caster wheels, allowing you to bring it directly to any workstation. The Mobile Masker's 19-inch profile makes it very easy to maneuver even in the smallest body shops. The total-lock wheels prevent any movement while the Mobile Masker Deluxe is in use.

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Innovative Mobile Masking Machine Deluxe I-MMD

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