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  • Self-Adhesive Windshield Collision Wrap
  • Self-Adhesive Windshield Collision Wrap is used to cover broken or cracked windshields to temporarily protect the interior of the vehicle from the elements such as rain, wind, sand, dust, snow, and more. The wrap stays in place until the auto body shop or collision center has repaired the damaged windshield. This is a clear film that is transparent with a good enough level of visibility that a vehicle can be driven until it is repaired. The film easily cuts with a knife or razor blade.  Other names that refer to the same product are windshield wrap or wreck wrap.
  • 36 inch x 100 feet
  • One year UV Protection
  • Strong 3 mil self-adhering plastic film protection
  • Seals broken windshields, windows and sprung doors
  • Keeps the interior free from damage
  • Film is transparent for safe visibility
  • Remains in place without leaving a residue

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Self-Adhesive Windshield Collision Wrap

Item #: SS36100
  • Price: $62.00