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Windshield Numbers

We offer our adhesive windshield numbers in five different sizes and a range of different colors to meet a wide array of applications and to coordinate with your auto dealership's color theme. All of our windshield numbers are made from vinyl with a special adhesive backing that will adhere to the windshield for long periods of time, but can be removed without causing damage. The 5 1/2 inch numbers are used primarily for year models or when you are looking to understate the pricing, whereas the 11 1/2 inch numbers are used to draw attention to the price as they are the largest and will have the most impact. 7 1/2 inch numbers are by far the most popular and will be most appropriate for the majority of applications. The most popular color scheme is the chartreuse & black, but we also offer the numbers in black & yellow, blue & white, blue & yellow, red & white, and red & yellow. The red & white die-cut numbers are for dealers looking for a refreshing look that appears to be hand painted. All numbers are sold in shrink-wrapped packages of a dozen.