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    "Clear Back" This Vehicle Is Not For Sale Stickers (Package of 250)
  • "Clear Back" This Vehicle Is Not For Sale Stickers feature a strong adhesive on all four sides to adhere to the inside of the vehicle's side window or windshield.
  • These stickers are printed with yellow and red vibrant inks and features a check list that allows the dealer to indicate why the sticker is affixed to the vehicle (Inspection, Service, Body Shop, Detail, or a blank space to write your own reason). They also feature a blank line to write the VIN # and the Date the sticker is applied.
  • Meets federal requirements
  • Place on car until a Federal Buyer's Guide is affixed to vehicle
  • This style of stickers are sometimes referred to as KLEER BACK, KLR BACK, or Clear Back.
  • 1 mil clear mylar backing over entire surface attaches to the inside of the car's window on all four sides.
  • This tag features a durable adhesive that is strong enough to attach to the glass, yet is still able to be removed without damaging the car or leaving any adhesive residue behind.
  • Actual size: 4-1/2" x 6"
  • Sold in packages of 250
  • This sticker reads:
    IS NOT

    VIN #________________________

    Date sticker applied ________________________

    This form must remain in place until
    affixed to this vehicle.
    ▢ Inspection
    ▢ Service
    ▢ Body Shop
    ▢ Detail
    ▢ __________________

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"Clear Back" This Vehicle Is Not For Sale Stickers (Package of 250)

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