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KLEER-BAK "Clear Back" Window Stickers

"Clear Back" dealer window stickers are constructed with a clear Mylar backing with and adhesive border around the edges. These labels are applied by car dealers to the inside of the side window or windshield so that the message is visible from the outside of the vehicle. These stickers feature an adhesive backing wrapper around the four edges, which can be peeled off, exposing the adhesive so that the sticker can be applied to the inside of the side window of the vehicle. These stickers are available with a variety of stock messages including the popular Stock Window Sticker Tickets, which include spaces to write important information such as Stock, Year, Make, Model, Color, and VIN. We also carry the Added Equipment Stickers which are used as Addendum Stickers as well as many other varieties of printed and blank "Clear Back" Stickers. These stickers are often referred to as KLEER-BAK, KLR-BAK, and "Clear Back." We carry blank Clear Back stickers in many different sizes and we can also custom print the stickers with consecutive numbers for vehicle identification purposes.