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Vehicle Buyers Orders for Car Dealerships

A buyers order is a form that is used as a contract to complete the sale of a vehicle from the auto dealership to a buyer. The form outlines the customer information, the vehicle information, insurance information, trade-in information, price, warranty, and all other details that are applicable to the transaction. We offer 3 varieties of buyers orders to satisfy the needs of car dealerships.

The first variety we ofer is the Pennsylvania Buyers order, which includes an arbitration clause which is specific to PA. The generic buyers order is very similar, but does not include that clause and can be used in many states. Both of these forms are 3-part carbonless forms which are sold in packages of 100. They can both be printed with your your company name and information at the top of the form or can be purchased as a stock form. If you choose to purchase a stock form, simply use your company stamp to mark the top of your form with your company's name, address, and other pertinent info.

Our Used Vehicle Order Books are a convenient booklet comprised of 50 3-part carbonless buyers orders which are used to finalize the sale and include a detailed terms and conditions on the back of the form.

How do Vehicle Buyers Orders Work?

Car buyers orders, often referred to as the "bill of sale" are legal contracts that are used to record the conditions of a vehicle sale. The buyers order lists both the buyer and dealer's name, address, and contact information, details about the vehicle being sold such as the year, make, model, body type, mileage, and VIN number, and the terms of the sale including the agreed upon price, taxes, dealer fees, tags, title, and any included warranties or extras.

Typically, the buyers order is written up when the customer commits to purchase a vehicle. Usually the customer will submit a deposit and sign the contract. The deposit could be refundable or non-refundable depending upon the terms specified. If the car is being financed, a credit application and subsequently a credit check may be completed before the deal is finalized. After the loan is approved, the deposit is usually returned to the buyer and the balance of the financial transaction is handled between the lender and the dealership. Usually the lender will wire money to the dealership or issue a check to pay for the vehicle.

When the transaction is completed and the customer picks up the vehicle, they will be given a copy of the signed contract. Our buyers order forms are 3-part carbon-less documents, so three copies are generated when the form is completed. One of the copies is given to the customer, while the other 2 copies are kept as records for the dealership. After the transaction has completed, the document serves as the customers receipt of their vehicle purchase.

During the purchase process, there may be other contracts and documents utilized. For example, the buyers order does not specify the loan agreement. A separate contract must be completed with the lender detailing the financial arrangements of the car loan. The buyers order does usually include a field to enter the down payment amount and remaining balance for purchases which are being financed.