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    Cobra Key System Work Order Holders "The Station" - 20 Unit
  • "The Station" Work Order Holders implement the unique Cobra Locking System to prevent misplaced or lost Keys and Work Order Holders for Repair or Job Tickets, keeping your service department organized and accounted for.
  • The vehicle's keys are locked onto the plastic work order holder and the paperwork is inserted into the holder.
  • This item is designed to be used by the service department of car dealerships, but can also be used by auto repair shops.
  • Overall Dimensions: 3" high x 30.25" wide x 2.5" deep
  • Comes with 50 Key Holders, 10 Access Keys, 1 Master Key, 20 plastic work order holders, and the Manual
  • Access keys are used to "check out" or "return" work ticket holders and vehicle keys. When a work ticket holder is checked out, the access key remains locked in the board at the location of the checked out item. When the work ticket holder is returned, the access key is released.
  • Consider giving each service technician a uniquely colored/numbered access key to keep track of which employee has a work ticket holder in their possession.
  • The master key is used to remove a work ticket holder without having the access key locked into the unit.

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Cobra Key System Work Order Holders "The Station" - 20 Unit

Item #: ST20
  • Price: $355.00