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Latex Balloons & Accessories

17 Inch Latex Balloons at a Car Dealership

We offer a comprehensive selection of in-stock color and custom imprinted balloons as well as the required accessories such as ribbon, pumps, clips, and more to create a dynamic display at your company, event, or celebration. All of our balloons are offered at bulk wholesale pricing to serve the needs of car dealerships, balloon decorators, professional party planners, birthday parties, baby showers, weddings, retirement parties, going away parties, anniversary parties, pool parties, special events, and much more - balloons are the most popular and cost effective decoration to brighten up your next event!

We carry Tuf-Tex Balloons, which are the highest quality premium balloon on the market. These balloons are well known for their superior quality to competing imported balloons and have been proudly manufactured in the United States for over 100 years. During the course of Tuf-Tex's 100 year history, the company has refined their manufacturing process and efficiency through continual development and is able to offer the highest quality balloons at the most reasonable prices while still manufacturing 100% in the United States. The Tuf-Tex balloons feature the most vibrant colors and sturdiest construction of any balloon on the market and are ideal for commercial applications where durability and quality, durability, vibrant colors, and competitive pricing matters. Our balloons are constructed from 100% natural latex, are sustainable, biodegradable, and do not contain any additives which makes them safe to use to create a beautiful balloon display. For example, if you are a car dealership, you will want your balloons to last longer than just one day - Our balloons are the best choice!

We offer four sizes of latex balloons, each of which can be purchased in stock colors for immediate shipment, or can be customized with your custom imprinted company name, logo, or message. The latex balloon sizes we offer are 11", 17", 24", and 36" diameter balloons. Our most popular sizes of balloons are the 17 inch balloons, which we offer in the 9 different vibrant color options to create a truly colorful and festive display at your location or event. The 24 inch are the second most popular size, followed by the 11 inch and 36 inch diameter balloons.

Our latex balloons and be filled with air or helium for display. When filled with helium, the balloons will float, whereas, when filled with air, the balloons must be used with some other mechanism to keep them afloat. For example, our 17 inch balloons can be filled with with air and displayed on vehicles with our Car Window Balloon Holders or tied from the ceiling. Likewise, any of our balloons can be used in conjunction with string or ribbon to prevent a helium-filled balloon from flying away. Helium balloons are also the best choice when you are looking to create and arched display. Please note that helium filled balloons typically float for only about 8 to 12 hours.

What are Latex Balloons Made From?

Our balloons are constructed from latex rubber, which is derived from rubber trees, which grow naturally in rain forests across the globe. Latex is harvested in a similar manner to maple syrup, whereby a tap is attached to the tree in order to collect the sap from inside the tree trunk. This process is totally sustainable, since the tree is not required to be cut down in order to harvest latex. Latex trees must be at least six years old before they are mature enough to be begin being harvested. Since latex rubber is a totally natural material, latex balloons are biodegradable and environmentally sustainable, especially when used with regular air, as opposed to helium. Latex is a porous, natural material and therefore features small holes in its cellular makeup. Because of this, when filled with helium, the helium can only be held in the balloon for about 8-12 hours, before the balloons stop floating. There is an additive called "hi-float" which can be purchased and added to the interior of balloons that fills the gaps in the latex cellular structure that prolongs the life of a helium balloon by about 20 times.

Balloon Decorating Tips

No other decoration creates a festive atmosphere quite like balloons - with some creativity and imagination, balloons can be used to create and cheerful display for your special occasion.

  • Creating a beautiful balloon display as all about combining different colors to create an eye-catching and cohesive design. We carry balloons in a variety of colors and finishes. Try combining different colors of balloons or choose our assorted combination (blue, yellow, green, white, pink, orange, red) or patriotic (red, white, blue) combinations which are classics that work for any occasion!
  • Use balloons in different arrangements to create a diverse and attractive display. For example, balloons can be used to create clusters, columns, arches, and can be used individually. Try displaying balloons at your next event in a myriad of different ways to create a festive environment.
  • Use a balloon pump to quickly inflate large quantities of balloons with regular air.  This is much faster and more cost-efficient than inflating a large quantity of balloons by mouth.

Custom Printed Latex Balloons

We are able to screen print our latex balloons in the 4 available sizes with 1 or 2 colors in either 1 or 2 sides. This is perfect for branding purposes for businesses as well as weddings, birthdays, graduations, and more. Rather than having just plain balloons at a product launch, for example, it makes a much larger impact to have the event filled with balloons printed with your company name. Likewise, it is a nice touch at weddings, birthdays, graduations, and other special events to have the balloons printed with a personalized message marking the occasion.  The turnaround time for custom printed balloons is only about 2 weeks plus shipping time!