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  • Our best selling key box!
  • The Supra Indigo measures 3.40" W x 5.05" H x 1.95" D
  • The Supra Indigo mechanical key box is designed to help car dealerships maintain organization so they can focus on sales, rather then searching for keys.
  • Constructed from an aerospace aluminum alloy shell that is ultra lightweight and durable.
  • Designed specifically for automotive dealerships who remove keys nightly.
  • When you place your initial order for Supra Indigo Lock boxes, you will be assigned a unique title code, making your key boxes accessible only to those who have the properly-coded key. When you order additional key boxes, please specify your unique title code so that we can ensure you receive key boxes that are accessible with your existing keys.
  • Includes the added feature of the "slam-shut" lock, which allows the key box to close without using the master key.
  • Minimum order: 10
  • Keys sold separately

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Supra Indigo Car Lock Boxes

Item #: SML2
  • Price: $49.95

  • 10-24 25-49 50-99 100-249 250 or more
    $49.95 $47.95 $46.95 $44.95 $42.95

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