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Reusable Balloons

Our reusable vinyl balloons offer a similar eye-catching look to traditional latex balloons, however last much longer and offer tremendous savings since no helium is required. Latex balloons fall flat within days, whereas, vinyl balloons maintain their appearance for months with minimal maintenance.

For our Reusable Car Window Balloons, we offer a light-weight seamed vinyl balloon which is similar in construction to a beach ball. The light-weight construction of these balloons limits the stress on the car compared to heavier seamless balloons. These are offered in 18 different vibrant colors. The clip on window staff is extremely durable, featuring an internal spring rod that moves about in the wind like a latex balloon string would, making it difficult to tell the difference from a distance. These are extremely popular with car dealerships; buy one set to highlight a featured vehicle or decorate your entire lot.

We also offer seamless reusable DuraBalloons which can be used on a variety of types of hardware including cluster sets, long pole sets, and light pole sets. The duraBalloons are seamless, which means they hold air extremely well since there are fewer points for the air to potentially escape. These balloons are also extremely attractive with a bright glossy finish and are offered in 36 eye-catching colors. The DuraBalloons can be used across a variety of industries, but are particular popular in the real estate industry and for use by car dealerships.

Choosing Balloon Colors

We recommend using a mix of colors to create an eye-catching display at your dealership. For example, during patriotic holidays such as July 4th and Memorial day, consider purchasing red, white, and blue balloons to create an american theme at your business. You can also use different color balloons to coordinate with popular sports teams, your company colors, or the season of the year. Additionally, you can coordinate your balloons with other promotional items; For example, if you are using an assortment of red and white car bows in your showroom to celebrate the holiday season, consider complementing them with red and white balloons to create a cohesive color palette that runs throughout your business.

Our hardware is constructed to last, so once your purchase the mounting kits, you will only need to replenish the balloons occasionally. Each time you purchase replacement balloons, consider changing the colors of your displays slightly. When you change the colors, potential customers are psychologically forced to take a second look at your business since people will notice the subtle change in their environment.

Industries that use Reusable Balloons

We sell reusable balloons to customers operating in a variety of industries. Our most prevalent customers are car dealerships looking to decorate their front-line, however the cluster sets and long pole kits are extremely popular amongst apartment complexes, birthday parties, and a variety of retail stores such as vape/smoke shops, restaurants, pawn shops, and much more. Reusable balloons can be used anywhere that traditional latex balloons are used; use your imagination!


These balloons are simply filled with air and then installed on our easy-to-assemble hardware. When you are purchasing a lot of balloons, we recommend using one of our air pumps, rather than attempting to inflate manually. We offer two different types of pumps: the first type is compatible with our seamed car window balloons, while the second type is only compatible with the seamless DuraBalloons.